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Minor bug fixes:

FXAA does not work. NBG0 Transparent is not correct. Dracula-X dialog mesh is not shown

New Features:

Color Calculation Window https://github.com/devmiyax/yabause/issues/104

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Img 0913

I obtained 'GPD XD' and confirmed uoYabause doesn't work on this device. I'm debugging.

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Let me introduce my desktop...

Visual Studio Community 2013

This is my base development environment. I write code on this environment, build Windows version of uoYabause, and test it on Windows. After test is passed, build Android version( using ninja and Android Studio), then test it on SHIELD TV. NVIDIA Nsight is also installed. This frame debugger makes graphics programing much easier. I can't live without Nsight.

Light Capture

This is the video capture software connected to my real...

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Changes are listed below.

1) Tessellation for better distorted sprite drawing.

2) FIX Graphics problems:

Get it on Google Play

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Sega Saturn draws polygons as quad.Thanks for this method, VDP1 can draw distorted image correctly. Modern GPUs draw polygons as triangles. They can't draw distorted quad image correctly.

To avoid this failure, Generally perspective correction method is used. Since Perspective correction uses z value in 3D space and VDP1 does not have z vale, VDP1 emulator needs to calculate z value. This method works fine, polygons are draw as if they are in 3D space. like this.

But in some games These...

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