Uoyabause 20160120 210527

New game select screen is available!

This is the BIG change for you can choose a game easily and delightfully. You can also choose game iso image directories and back ground image on setting menu.

You can get it from Get it on Google Play

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Img 0835

You can get it from

The changes are listed below.

Better game pad support

Tested below control devices.

  1. SHIELD Controller
  2. SIXAXIS ( Playstation 3 controller )
  3. MOGA Hero power
  4. ipega pg-9023
  6. Retrolink USB SEGA Saturn Classic Controller
  7. SNES30 GamePad 8Bitdo Tech HK

Fix stability issues

  1. crash when app exit

Fix Graphics issues

  1. Shining the Holy Hark
  2. Athlete Kings
  3. Digital Pinball
  4. Dead or Alive
  5. Sakura Taisen
  6. Jissen Pachinko hisshouhou! Twin

Revoke software rendering

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2015 is a great year for me. I can finally bring Sega Saturn's games to your living room again. I want to say thank you to all people affect this project. Nvidia developed the great Soc called 'Tegra X1'. Khronos group brought the real shader programming to mobile with the specification 'OpenGL ES 3'. Guillaume keeps alive Yabause project for many years. And BABY METAL reminds me that I have something I have to do to the world.

But there are many thing I have to do to make...

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You can get it from

FIX Graphics bugs for

New Control device

New Feature

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Img 0825

I obtained "MOGA HERO POWER". I confirmed L2 and R2 buttons are not recognized on uoYabause. I'll fix it for ver 0.1.19.

BTW, This control device is very well manufactured. I feel latency is slightly higher than SHIELD controller.

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