2015 is a great year for me. I can finally bring Sega Saturn's games to your living room again. I want to say thank you to all people affect this project. Nvidia developed the great Soc called 'Tegra X1'. Khronos group brought the real shader programming to mobile with the specification 'OpenGL ES 3'. Guillaume keeps alive Yabause project for many years. And BABY METAL reminds me that I have something I have to do to the world.

But there are many thing I have to do to make this emulator 'PLAYABLE'. I enumerate them at the new entry point of the new year. Since this project is my personal project, I don't think I can do it all in this year. Jesus said "Ask, and it shall be given you". so I just ask.


Vulkan is the new graphics api which can control GPU more directly than OpenGL. This is going to be available in early 2016. Currently heavy graphics emulations (Line Scroll, Rotate Screen etc) are still remained in CPU. Vulcan may bring them to GPU from CPU.

Test automation

Regression is the biggest problem for developing emulator. Developers can not imagine how many games will be affected by just a one change. Automatic test helps to find regression.

More compatibility

Many games do not boot yet.


In 2015 I have done many improvements of graphics emulation. sound needs many improvements.

New dynamic recompile cpu

Current dynamic recompile cpu is very fast, but has many bugs. the worst thing is that this implementation is very complex and it's not easy to understand( at least to me). Debuggable CPU emulation is needed.

New game select user interface

uoYabause uses old style list view to select a game. I think it's out of date and it's not easy to select a game from hundreds games.

Iso image stream

It's boring copy a iso image file to android device. And local storage size is limited. it will be OK if you can use your cloud storage directly.

Other platforms

There are many good platforms these day. IOS, Windows 10, Steam OS etc.. I want bring SEGA Saturn games to them.

Anyway, I hope uoYabause and you have great year like 2015!

posted by: devMiyax