Yaba Sanshiro Nintendo Switch version is the SEGA Saturn emulator running on Nintendo Switch. This software is based on Lakka-switch

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Yaba Sanshiro is a open source software but it costs to maintain the development environment and to purchase new devices and so on. Donation, buying android version and click ad help our developments. please consider about it. Requests for improvement are given priority by the donor


Notes / Restrictions

  • Not all games are playable
  • In Japan passing a copied game and BIOS image to others is against copyright law
  • In Japan using a game or BIOS image copied by someone else is against copyright law
  • Nintendo Switch may be damaged by performing this procedure
  • Sleep but not wake
  • Volume cannot be changed
  • Remote Joy-con is not available
  • Sometimes Joy-con does not work
  • OS sometimes fails to start

What you need

  • Way to start Nintendo Switch in RCM (Usb Recovery Mode)
  • 2GByte or more SD card formatted with FAT32
  • Nitendo Switch without RCM measures

Prepare SD card

  • Format SD card with FAT32
  • Download image from here
  • Unzip image and copy yabasanshiro and bootloader folder to SD card
  • Create roms folder in yabasanshiro/storage folder and copy game ISO image
  • Get BIOS data from actual Sega Saturn machine and copy it to yabasanshiro/storage with the file name bios.bin (this step is not mandatory)
  • Download the latest version of hekate from [here] (https://github.com/CTCaer/hekate/releases)
  • Unzip and copy bootloader folder to SD card
  • When all steps are completed, the layout will be as shown below.


├── bootloader
│   ├── hekate_ipl.ini
│   ├── ini
│   │   └── 00-YabaSanshiro.ini
│   ├── patches_template.ini
│   ├── payloads
│   ├── res
│   └── sys
└── yabasanshiro
    ├── boot
    ├── licenses
    └── storage
        ├── bios.bin
        └── roms
            └── game.cue


How to boot

  • Start NintendoSwitch in RCM mode and send hekate payload.

    • NOTE There are several ways to search for [RCM Nintendo Switch] (https://www.google.com/search?q=RCM+Nintendo+Switch) The easiest way is to purchase a USB dongle and use it.
  • Select "More Configs" -> "YabaSanshiro".

How to use

Controll by Joy-con

Nintendo Switch's controller (Joy-con) is mapped to SEGA Saturn's controller as follows. It can be changed in the menu described below.

Satrun Joy-con
start +
menu -

How to start a game

  • Press - button to display the menu
  • Select Open CD Tray and press B button
  • Select Close CD Tray and press B button
  • A list of games copied to the SD card is displayed.
  • Select the game you want to play and press `B button```


Press the -button to display the menu

  • Player1 ... Set the key configuration of Player1    Analog mode ... switch to analog controller    Maps each button to a Nintendo Switch button

  • Player2 ... cannot be used

  • Config

    • Resolution ... Select the drawing resolution
    • Aspect ratio ... Original (resolution inside Sega Saturn), 4: 3, 16: 9
    • Rotate screen resolution ... Specify the resolution of the rotate background screen
    • Use compute shader ... The rotate background screen generated on the GPU. If you use it, it will be drawn at high speed even at high resolution.
  • Exit ... restarts
  • Reset ... restarts
  • Save State ... Saves the current state. You can save up to 5 per game
  • Load State ... Restores the saved state. Sometimes fail
  • Open / Close CD Tray ... Opens and closes the CD-ROM drive lid. By selecting the game image file when closing it will cause Yabasanshiro to load the game
  • Show / Hide FPS ... Displays the game performance status on the screen.
  • Enable / Disable Frame Skip ... Enable / Disable Frame Skip

How to exit

  • Press and hold the power button for about 12 seconds

NOTE Press briefly to enter sleep mode without wake. You need to make sure to turn off the power by pressing for more than 12 seconds


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Source code

  • https://github.com/devmiyax/Lakka-LibreELEC