Recently I focused on developing iOS version of uoYabause. I think it's good enough as Android version and now is the time to release to the world. As you may know Apple does not allow this kind of Apps on their own store. I need to release uoYabause with the diffrent way.

You can download the deb file from here.

How to use is available here.

I am not sure how you can install. But you may find the way by googing it like this. If you can install and run uoYabause, please report to me.


These are instructions how to install using Cydia.( I have no jailbroken iOS device. I have no idea whether this instructions work fine or not. please let me know the result. )

Step 1: Add the uoYabause Cydia/APT Repo

Step 2: Install uoYabause from Cydia

  • Tap on Search, and type in "uoYabause"
  • Tap on the uoYabause package you wish to install
  • Tap on Install, then Confirm

Good luck!

posted by: devMiyax