I know SHIELD TV is the only android device which can run uoYabause 60fps and I think it needs a help for other devices. So I implement the rendering mode which draws in the original SEGA Saturn resolution mode. It's successful to increase the game performance, as well as the atmosphere of the game.

This screenshot is obtained from GPD XD. the left draws in the original resolution(352x224), then expand to device resolution(1280x720). the right draw in device resolution directly. This full size image is here.

I added the setting menu whcih you can choose what resolution does uoYabause use.

  • Native ... Draws directly to device native resolution.
  • Original ... Draw the original resolution.
  • 4x ... 4 times the original resolution. 320x220 will be 1280x880
  • 2x ... 2 times the original resolution. 320x220 will be 640x440

Get it on Google Play

Windows version is also available from here.


posted by: devMiyax