To develop an emulator, saving and loading state is the very important future. Imagine, you find a bug and want to be fixed. you may email or submit it to like this 'I'm near the end of Scenario 1, all the spell effects are not rendering correctly." It's terrible for developers to spend time reaching to the end of Scenario 1 to reproduce bugs! That's why saving/loading state is important. If saving/loading state works correctly, you can easily report bugs and developers easily reproduce bugs. Currently, this future is the nightmare. The sound is perfectly muted, the movie is looped perfectly, the 4Mbye external ram will be perfectly corrupted. There is noise in the framebuffer. I fixed these problems one by one. I hope my effort will contribute to increasing emulation quality. This future is also good for game players. You can easily interrupt your playing and come back to play. Enjoy!

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posted by: devMiyax