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These days, I'm trying to solve performance regression problems. I implement my own performance counter and on screen graph. And I use Tegra Graphics Debugger and Tegra System Debugger. Finally Street Fighter Zero 3 back to 60fps.

It's very important showing what's going on inside.

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I'm renting ASUS ZenFone2 for a month. a few fixes make uoYabause running on this device. But I found performance issue I may solve. I'll finish it, then release.

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Uoyabause 20160120 210527

New game select screen is available!

This is the BIG change for you can choose a game easily and delightfully. You can also choose game iso image directories and back ground image on setting menu.

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The changes are listed below.

Better game pad support

Tested below control devices.

  1. SHIELD Controller
  2. SIXAXIS ( Playstation 3 controller )
  3. MOGA Hero power
  4. ipega pg-9023
  6. Retrolink USB SEGA Saturn Classic Controller
  7. SNES30 GamePad 8Bitdo Tech HK

Fix stability issues

  1. crash when app exit

Fix Graphics issues

  1. Shining the Holy Hark
  2. Athlete Kings
  3. Digital Pinball
  4. Dead or Alive
  5. Sakura Taisen
  6. Jissen Pachinko hisshouhou! Twin

Revoke software rendering

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