Improving Framebuffer Emulation

You and I both know uoYabause still has many graphical glitches. Some of these are caused by inaccurate framebuffer emulation.

How does the framebuffer work?

Sega Saturn draws graphics using three individual chips: the CPU, VDP1 (Video Display Processor 1), and VDP2 (Video Display Processor 2). The CPU sends images and draw commands to VDP1, which begins drawing to the “draw framebuffer.” Meanwhile, VDP2 periodically reads a separate “read framebuffer” that...

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I'm very happy to announce that uoYbause can boots GUNGRIFFON finally!

Other improvements are described below.

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Windows version is also available from here

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I fixed many bugs in SCUDSP emulation. Then finally Shining Force 3 magic effects are enabled!

Now you can download from Get it on Google Play

I also find the web page which describes how Camelot( the software developer of Shining Force 3) implemented these magic effects. it's very interesting!

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I know SHIELD TV is the only android device which can run uoYabause 60fps and I think it needs a help for other devices. So I implement the rendering mode which draws in the original SEGA Saturn resolution mode. It's successful to increase the game performance, as well as the atmosphere of the game.

This screenshot is obtained from GPD XD. the left draws in the original resolution(352x224), then expand to device resolution(1280x720). the right draw in device resolution directly. This full...

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Important bug fixes

New features

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