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I obtained "MOGA HERO POWER". I confirmed L2 and R2 buttons are not recognized on uoYabause. I'll fix it for ver 0.1.19.

BTW, This control device is very well manufactured. I feel latency is slightly higher than SHIELD controller.

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Changes are following.

You can get it from

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Since I got report that ipega does not work on uoYabause, I obtain it and test. It works fine! If you have trouble using ipega, try GamePad mode( paring with X+home mode. ). Anyway ipega is good for play uoYabause. I like it.

I am going to obtain MOGA also.

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I'm very excited about starting this web site. This web site is created to share information about uoYabause development with users and developers. Users can send status reports and bugs via app, then compatibility list is generated automatically. Developers can see what's wrong with the latest app and link reports to the github issues.

I believe this web site will be the information hub for uoYabause users and developers and help to increase the emulation quality faster and help a...

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