SEGA Saturn has two CPUs. Each CPU has cache memory to enhance the throughput. YabaSanshiro does not emulate that until version 1.7.6, Because each CPU accesses the same memory space and it should be the same data, and emulating cache needs many CPU cycles for each memory access. But I noticed that some games are programmed on the assumption that the data referenced by each CPU is inconsistent and the difference in timing with and without hitting the cache. Virtua Fighter is one of them. You...

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Ayn Odin is a handheld android device for gamers. This young device has enough SOC to run Yaba Sanshiro. But I found that the default setting of Yaba Sanshiro runs not well. So I want to let you know how to optimize the setting for a better game experience. With this setting you can play Virtua Fighter 2 with 60fps constantly.

Conclusion as first

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Nvidia Shield TV is upgraded to Android 11. Since Android 11 does not allow direct file access, you can not play games in the way you did. YabaSanshrio 2 Pro 1.7.1 will support Android TV 11. But since Nvidia Shield TV does not implement the "Storage access framework" property, you need additional operations.

  1. Connect Shield TV to PC via USB. Move files in "yabause" folder to "Android/data/org.devmiyax.yabasanshiro2.pro/files/yabause" using explorer.

  2. If you have...

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Currently, Yaba Sanshiro 2 crashes when you run it on Android 5.0, 5.1 and 6.0 , Because these device does not support Vulkan. To support less than Android 7.0 devices again, we are going to release it in a trickly way.

  1. Release "1.4.4novulkan" with minimum api level 21(Android 5.0) without Vulkan support.

    • Less than Android 7.0 devices can play with the OpenGL renderer.
    • Android 7.0 and above devices can play with the OpenGL renderer but not the Vulkan renderer.
  2. Release...

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They say CHEAT function violates the Device and Network Abuse policy and sections 4.8 and 4.9 of the Developer Distribution Agreement. ( Who cares about 20 years old games cheating???). So we were forced to release Yaba Sanshiro as a new app.

These are changes on Yaba Sanshiro 2

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