Yaba Sanshiro has the cloud save data function. If your local storage does not have save data, you can copy back them from cloud storage. You can also save your cheat code to the cloud storage. In addition, you can share your cheat code. Please rate the cheat so that good cheats can be found easily.

However, these functions are experimental, so they do not work as expected, specifications may be changed or terminated without prior notice.

If you have any question, please ask at our community...

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Since backup data occasionally get broken, you need to back up your backup data. You need to copy entire backup data to share it to another devices.To Input Cheat code is very irritable. Everybody want to easily use proven cheat codes.

I came up with a idea to save these data in the cloud storage and access them across devices and across users.

I added below menu options to enable this idea.

Backup Manager

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'uoYabause' got banned, I need to change the name. I've always been asked how 'uoYabause' should be pronounced. I also don't know. So I think it's a good chance. 'Yaba Sanshiro' is the new name for our SEGA Saturn emulator.

'Yaba Sanshiro' can't access the payment information of uoYabause. If you have donated already for uoYabause, please enter your order number manually at the screen [Support]->[I HAVE DONATED FOR UOYABVAUSE], then Ad screen...

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They say that UoYabause (package ID org.uoyabause.android) has been suspended and deleted on Google Play as it has violated the impersonation policy as a result of the review.

I asked them why. but they didn't answer...

Screenshots in Google Play Store has many SEGA licensed game's screenshots. I guess that's why Google ban uoYabause.

I am going to clean up problems and reapply to the Google Play Store. Until reapplication passes, You can download the newest version from here

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Uoyabause 20170827 155951

I've hacked the Backup library in SEGA Saturn. and succeeded to increase internal backup memory from 32KB to 8MB. And I've added the memory manager screen. Now you can edit backup memory without BIOS.

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