They say that UoYabause (package ID has been suspended and deleted on Google Play as it has violated the impersonation policy as a result of the review.

I asked them why. but they didn't answer...

Screenshots in Google Play Store has many SEGA licensed game's screenshots. I guess that's why Google ban uoYabause.

I am going to clean up problems and reapply to the Google Play Store. Until reapplication passes, You can download the newest version from here

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Uoyabause 20170827 155951

I've hacked the Backup library in SEGA Saturn. and succeeded to increase internal backup memory from 32KB to 8MB. And I've added the memory manager screen. Now you can edit backup memory without BIOS.

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The most irritable thing when I use an emulator on Android devices is transferring game files to the device. Generating ISO image, Connecting USB cable, Installing adb or MTP driver, Transfering using adb command or explorer. sometimes explorer freezes while transferring. Broken ISO images. blah blah blah... Everything is irritable and disgusting.

I'm trying to make these things easy using modern technologies. Now you can transfer your game with just these three steps.

  1. Insert CD-ROM to...

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New cpu core is now ready! it's twice faster than interpreter cpu.

Get it on Google Play

Windows version is also available from here

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Yabause has two CPU emulation options. Interpreter CPU is easy to understand but slow. Dynamic recompile CPU ( also called Dynarec) which was written by Ari64( I think he is the genius) is very fast but is very complicated and has many bugs :( So I decided to implement the new CPU emulation.

The goal is

  1. Debuggable
  2. Easy to maintenance
  3. Twice faster than Interpreter CPU emulation.

I found an old sh2 dynarec emulation code called Titan Project. Since it seems simple, I'm implementing my...

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