Nvidia Shield TV is upgraded to Android 11. Since Android 11 does not allow direct file access, you can not play games in the way you did. YabaSanshrio 2 Pro 1.7.1 will support Android TV 11. But since Nvidia Shield TV does not implement the "Storage access framework" property, you need additional operations.

  1. Connect Shield TV to PC via USB. Move files in "yabause" folder to "Android/data/org.devmiyax.yabasanshiro2.pro/files/yabause" using explorer.

  2. If you have...

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Currently, Yaba Sanshiro 2 crashes when you run it on Android 5.0, 5.1 and 6.0 , Because these device does not support Vulkan. To support less than Android 7.0 devices again, we are going to release it in a trickly way.

  1. Release "1.4.4novulkan" with minimum api level 21(Android 5.0) without Vulkan support.

    • Less than Android 7.0 devices can play with the OpenGL renderer.
    • Android 7.0 and above devices can play with the OpenGL renderer but not the Vulkan renderer.
  2. Release...

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They say CHEAT function violates the Device and Network Abuse policy and sections 4.8 and 4.9 of the Developer Distribution Agreement. ( Who cares about 20 years old games cheating???). So we were forced to release Yaba Sanshiro as a new app.

These are changes on Yaba Sanshiro 2

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In the investigation for issues like #679 and #664, I found strange behaviors in SEGA Saturn emulation of Yaba Sanshiro. DMAC(Direct Memory Access Controller) starts memory copy despite CD-ROM data is not read yet. The master CPU start copy to VRAM before the slave CPU finishes copying data to the source region. I write code that reproduces these behaviors and runs it on the real SEGA Saturn. it shows that memory access timing is the cause of this matter.

SEGA Saturn has three buses. CPU bus,...

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I've been implementing the new dynamic recompile CPU emulator for ARM64v8a. It means Yaba Snashiro will run on 64bit CPU natively. The result is 64bit code is faster than 32bit code slightly, not so much. But I'm happy. Slow progress is still progress.

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